The Hive (2008)

24 09 2009
Control Centre in The Hive

Jessica Reavis does some keyboard acting in The Hive

Once upon a time a bloke named TS Cook wrote a fantastic little movie called The China Syndrome (1979) with Jack Lemmon, Jane Fonda and helped launch the career of Michael Douglas. it dealt with nuclear paranoia and the power of the media. Fast forward to 2008 and he’s supplied the script for a movie in which ants become self-aware and work together to attack humans who kill them with laser guns. A step backwards?

It’s easy to take the piss out of The Hive… so let’s. Number one: most of the acting is risible. Elizabeth Healy plays sexy ant expert Claire Dubois who shares almost no chemistry at all with ant killer Len played by former New Professional Kal Weber. To give you an idea of the standard here, Healy’s movie before this was Croc so at least we can look forward to her gracing these pages again.

Number two: Ants live in colonies, not hives. This doesn’t stop the ant experts marvelling as all the ants form arms, tentacles and part like the Red Sea for Moses. The effects aren’t bad during these sequences, and the stripping of the bodies as the ants overrun them isn’t overly gory, but the giant ant formed by millions of ants near the end (I’m not kidding) has nothing on THEM!. Number three: you can’t use an audio mixing desk to be the control centre for a ant hunting destruction business. Poor Jessica Reavis (also in Croc!) has to do some intense sitting-in-front-of-a-computer acting and taps manically at a keyboard for no real reason at all through most of the movie. You can’t help but think she’s slightly underused.

Overall The Hive below par TV movie with some sub-standard writing and sub-standard creepy crawlies, passes the time, but to be honest you’ll have more fun pouring boiling water on to a real ants nest. Cruel, but fun.




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11 10 2009
Robin Brown

I’m fairly sure I’ve seen this, though I’ve no idea how that happened. Plus, an article on giant ant films and no mention of Phase Four?!

12 10 2009

Hi Robin, yes Phase IV is a classic and yes we’ll be covering it future!
All the best

13 10 2009
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[…] Destination: Infestation which cropped-up on the Sci Fi Channel under the name Swarm. Alongside The Hive, D:I is yet another movie about ants, this time hailing from the jungles of South America that […]

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