The Loch Ness Terror/Beyond Loch Ness (2008)

19 10 2009

Open wide!

Open wide!

This movie with Nessie is messy and certainly not for jessies! A plesiosaur turns up in a Canadian lake and starts murdering the inhabitants of a small town. It only turns out that this is THE Loch Ness monster and its been chased from Scotland to Canada by rugged and ridiculous cryptozoologist James Murphy, played by Charmed regular Brian Krause.

Nessie enjoys dishing out the brutal maiming and killing and the movie’s second biggest fault is relying on gore for shocks, when frankly it doesn’t need them. The biggest mistake, in case you were wondering, was hiring Brian Krause. Ignoring Krause and his vendetta with the dino, there’s a really good little monster movie here trying to get out. Writer Jason Bourque (who, worryingly, is listed on the IMDB as one of the writers of the new K9 Adventures series) plays the relationship of teenage loner Josh Reily (Niall Matter) and his mother, Sheriff Karen Reily (a good performance from Carrie Genzel, who is only nine years older than Matter, something that’s clearly visible onscreen and makes you think ‘eww’) really well and also makes sure there’s plenty of teen fodder to be executed by the monster in a slasher style.

However, there are two really good things about the movie – one is the late Don S Davis of Stargate: SG1 and Twin Peaks fame who plays the Deputy Sheriff with the right amount of disbelief and loyalty and secondly the effects are a definite cut-above the usual Sci Fi Channel fair. Nessie moves far more realistically (well, erm, naturally then) than say the Komodo in Komodo vs Cobra.

Needless to say our heroes work out their differences, surmount incredible odds and go face-to-face with a CGI plesiosaur. What more do you want? Do see this one – above average script, great CGI, just ignore Krause… I mean, he chases dinosaurs with an electromagnetic ray gun FFS.




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